Vegetarian Sushi.

Making sushi rolls can be intimidating for many people, but I want to show you how easy and fun it is to prepare veggie sushi. So, today I will be sharing two of my favourite vegetarian sushi recipes.

One great thing about vegetarian sushi is that you can add almost any vegetable you can imagine, so it allows you to play with different combinations of tastes, textures and colors.

For me, the perfect ingredient for veggie sushi is Avocado. I know, Avocado is technically a fruit, but most of us use it as a veggie, right?

Avocados have a very subtle taste, therefore it combines beautifully with almost any other ingredient. Its creamy, melt in your mouth texture works as the ultimate filling for sushi and when combined with cream cheese together they make the perfect sushi roll.

Another great, low calorie combination for veggie sushi is carrot and cucumber. Although very simple and basic, the crispiness and distinctive taste of these two humble veggies make delicious and  very colorful sushi rolls, suitable for vegans.

Best of all, vegetarian or not, it is very likely that you already have the ingredients for the fillings of these two recipes in your fridge, so lets get rolling!

Ingredients for 4 sushi rolls:

1 cup of uncooked sushi rice (also know as sticky rice). Cooked according to the package instructions.

2 ½ Tbsp. seasoned rice vinegar.

4 sheets of Nori seaweed.

A half of 1 avocado. Peeled and cut in Julienne (thin strips).

4 thin strips of brick cream cheese. I use the regular type, but you can use vegan cream cheese if you are a vegan.

½ to 1 Tbsp. of white sesame seeds (black sesame seeds work good too)

½ of a small carrot. Washed, peeled and cut in Julienne.

½ of a small cucumber. Washed, peeled, seeded and cut in Julienne.

For serving:

Pickled ginger to your liking (optional)

Wasabi to your liking (optional)

Tamari organic soy sauce (or regular soy sauce, if you prefer).

For rolling the sushi:

1 bamboo sushi mat (I insert mine into a medium size zip-lock bag for hygiene purposes)


Place the cooked rice in a big glass Pyrex and add the 2 Tbsp. of seasoned rice vinegar while it is still hot. Mix well with a flat wooden spoon (I use a bamboo sushi spoon that came with my rolling mat). Reserve the rice until it has cooled down to room temperature. You can prepare your veggies in the meanwhile, if you haven’t done so yet.

Once the rice is cool, place a sheet of Nori on top of your rolling mat and cover it with ¼ of the rice, leaving about a ½ inch of the  top and bottom edge of the Nori uncovered to allow the ending of the Nori to attach to the roll.

Place some of your fillings on top of the rice. Right at the beginning of the roll. Be careful no to put too much, otherwise your roll may end up too bulky or with and odd shape.

I combined avocado and cream cheese in two of my rolls and added some sesame seeds on top for a little crunchiness. 

Then i filled up two more rolls with carrot ,cucumber and more avocado.

Start rolling with the help of your mat, pressing down and inwards to achieve a nice and tight roll.

Once you have finish with your first roll put it aside and continue with the rest until you have rolled all 4 of them.

Take your rolls one by one and cut them with a big, sharp knife (I use a Santoku style knife) on a cutting board. I personally wet the blade of my knife with some water every second or third cut, so the rice wont stick to it.

Every roll should make about 10 pieces of sushi.

Place the sushi pieces on a big serving plate with the pickled ginger and the wasabi on the side, if using. Pour some Tamari soy sauce in individual saucer bowls for dipping.

Enjoy your homemade vegetarian sushi.



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